About us

About Zeolyt Advisory

We are a leading business consulting and technology development company that partners with you to build resilience, envision & effect transformations, frame winning strategy and execute for growth successfully.

Our Belief

Zeolyt Ethos


Energize Ideas and Transform Businesses


Empower Individuals and Businesses to Create Self Sustaining and Long Term Impact on the World

Our Fundamental guiding principles

A strong culture anchored in a clear set of values helps make Zeolyt a rewarding, inspiring place to work.

an expression of courageous leadership and accountability

to treat each person as we ourselves would want to be treated

of thought, expression, behaviors, expertise and background

a long term view of our success measured by clients success


Managing Partners

Rohit Dak
Rohit Dak
Pawan Borar
Pawan Borar
Pankaj Thakkar
Pankaj Thakkar


Zeolyt Advisors

Zeolyt advisor network comprises distinguished industry experts who partner with passionate clients to sharpen their business strategy, build industry connects, provide strategic legal advice, or navigate through technology possibilities

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Joginder Yadav

Strategic Consulting

Ashish Jain

Ashish Jain

Data Science

Dipu Gopinath

Artificial Intelligence

Rahul Sadafule

Digital Transformation


Johncey George

Executive Coach