Learning Academy

Our learning programs are outcome-focused and embedded in our rich consulting experience of working across a diverse spectrum of clients, solutions and industries

Learn from the very best

Zeolyt Academy brings together our breadth and depth of subject matter expertise with our learning design and technology skills and capabilities. We partner with organisations through building holistic, integrated learning modules relevant to business problems. The workshops are designed to deliver more than just training, but measurable skills that an organization needs to realize its strategic goals.


Work From Home - A New Reality

Ability to work remotely and seamlessly has proven to be a big boon for some of the industries in striking a magical balance between the economy and survival in COVID-19 era. Our EPIC Framework addresses Engagement, Productivity, Integrity and Culture  including the challenges of working remote efficiently. 

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Startup Bootcamp

Comprehensive three day program targeting young startups, students, colleges and professionals to deliver holistic understanding of the start-up ecosystem, help them learn the art and science of problem-solving using design thinking, empowers them with business modelling techniques, and get their solutions – industry and investor ready. 

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Soft Skills

Combination of people skills,  communication skills, character or personality traits, attitudes, career attributes, social intelligence and emotional intelligence to help you succeed in every walk of life. 

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Finance 101

Accounting and Finance Fundamentals for Non Finance Executives. Every decision in an organization revolves around Finance, its crucial that you have knowledge of Financial Matters to manage your business effectively.

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Balance Scorecard

Measures that drive business performance. Metric used to identify, improve, and control a business’s various functions and resulting outcomes. A engaging workshops for the leadership. 

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