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    Pitch Deck Guidelines

    Description of customer pain and how the company solves it – concept & key elements

    What the company does, for whom and why it’s compelling

    Founders,  key team members, and key advisors, with industry backgrounds and expertise

    Market size, growth characteristics, segmentation

    Competitors and competitive feature sets, plus your sustainable competitive advantages

    How the company will sell its product, in detail, including roughly how much it will cost to build that sales engine

    Product development, customer acquisition, partner relationships

    What can go wrong and how the company plans to manage it

    How much time and money it will take to get to cash flow break-even and five year projections. Show worst and best case scenarios.

    Categories of likely buyers, rationales, list of specific likely buyers and comparable with valuation multiples

    How much, what the company will use it for, what milestones it expects to hit