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Seamless customer acquisition with platform agnostic transactions between buyers and sellers


Sell your products with Komrz

Start receiving customer orders instantly

Easy Onboarding

Video KYC with PAN/GST verification for the seller to get access to create a store front and start listing products on the market place

Inventory Management

Seller to leverage StoreX ERP for store operations and efficiently making inventory live-sync

Seller Dashboard

Ability to manage account information with preferred shipping options

Analytics and Reporting

Daily analytics and reporting on best selling products, categories, non performing items, buyer behavior actions, items views and purchases.

Payment integration

Integrated payment gateway to ensure payment processing in minimal clicks with fast deposit of money in seller bank account

Promotion & Loyalty

Ability to promote certain products at discount and dynamic pricing. Awarding the loyal customers with points that can be redeemed for future purchases


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Manage your operations with StoreX

Advanced efficient solution to manage Procurement, Inventory and Sales. ERP for omni-channel store operations & order fulfillment

Inventory Receiving

Efficient scanning of SKUs or bar codes on incoming inventory to be counted, inspected and updated in the system

Inventory Storage

Received products assigned geo-location for short- or longer-term storage, expiration and identification with the orderly distribution of goods for order fulfillment

Order Processing

Order management system to validate the inventory availability and have live-sync with the omnichannel store front. Customer orders assigned to right locations for processing.

Inventory Picking

Orderly and efficient item picking per the packing slip from the customer order and automated updating of the system for correct inventory count and order status.

Packing & Shipping

Optimal packing material per product weight, dimensions and shipping cost. Selection of the shipping channels and printing of the shipping slips with notification to the customer.

Delivery & Return

Sync with the delivery partners of shipped and returned goods and according updating of the system to reflect the fulfilled order.

Store operations made easy

Empower store associates to be more productive with super fast and accurate scanning of products via smart phone from procurement to delivery. 


Seller Application

Customized solution that your brand needs to leverage ONDC

Mobile first

A comprehensive solution on your finger tips which allows to onboard inventory, enable sale, accept payments, track orders and address customer inquiries.

Product catalogue

Scan from phone or via bulk upload to create product catalogue with information on Time to ship, Cancellable , Returnable , Return Period and much more information

Instant Inventory Sync

Instant inventory sync with what is available in the store or a warehouse and what is displayed for sale on seller application

Location & Logisitics

Accept location specific orders and fulfill with the choice of logistics provider

Analytics and settlement

Reporting, analytics and transactions settlement with seamless tools on a single application


With you on your journey

With our dedicated consulting support and guided execution on ONDC leveraging data insights, we will ensure creating a winning path for you. 

ONDC Strategy

We work with you to define the target segment, balance MVP scope, sharpen value proposition and devise a sustainable growth strategy. We focus on infrastructure, processes, tools, skills, technologies and people requirements and phase these out to support and align with the growth path.

Business Transformation

Change the trajectory of your current business by integrating with ONDC and achieve extraordinary results through digital transformation, process re-engineering and create highly practical products and solutions leveraging design thinking.

Alliance and Partnerships

Design robust sales operations and frame winning strategies for marketing and alliances. Align operations with strategy through well-designed KPIs, Protocols, Policies, Processes, Governance Framework and Systems to participate in ONDC ecosystem.

Digital commerce is changing....

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Now, any small business can become a part of e-commerce with less time, effort and cost. Join hands with Zeolyt and plug into ONDC to accelerate your growth.