Now, Manage Store operations via smart phone

Comprehensive Solution

Imagine an affordable smart device i.e. phone that can handle any store operations task. Connected to crucial infrastructures like store inventory control, warehouse management or order management systems. Well, this is what StoreX allows you to do.

Shipping & Receiving

Back of store data capture tasks like receiving or shipping come with their own challenges. Frequently space is in short supply, lighting is problematic, and barcodes are often located at awkward angles. StoreX can solve all of these issues.

  • Provide superfast and accurate scanning
  • Keeps scanning even in low light 
  • Easily handles difficult angles

Inventory Management

Make it fast and simple for employees to monitor stock levels in real-time, with a StockX powered smart device. Keep stock and inventory levels accurate and store associates more efficient.
- Capture multiple barcodes in a single scan
- Get real-time stock information for each store
- Faster stocktaking and inventory workflows

Order Fulfillment at Speed

Whether Click and Collect, or Curbside Pickup, our smart data capture software increases order picking efficiency and accuracy. Enable store associates to fulfill more orders – all with ease on one familiar smart device.

Store Operations. Enhanced.

Every store associate using a StoreX-enabled smartphone can carry out a multitude of tasks, both front and back of store, at a speed up to 3 times faster than dedicated devices. It also provides instant reporting on core tasks like inventory checking and restocking.

omnichannel solution allows associates to multitask.

StoreX transforms smart devices into data capture tools that enhance and automate Retail omnichannel operations, delivering increased efficiency.