Winning in redefined workspaces

The ability to work remotely has proven to be a big boon during COVID-19 crisis. The opportunity is now to transform a simple keep-the-lights-on approach to a highly differentiated strategy.

Hearing these bytes?

Every stakeholder is grappling with newer challenges in the redefined workspaces. Organizations that capture these feedback and address those holistically and systemically will build a winning advantage.The ones that don’t, will face diminishing outcomes.


How do I replicate the impact and experience of customer visit in virtual world


How do I ensure my team’s productivity when they all are working from home; how do I preserve work-life balance


Am I valued; Is my contribution visible; Am missing water-cooler chats; How will my performance be assessed


How do I propagate, preserve and reflect organization values, and culture; How do I drive employee engagement


Is my IP and data safe; Am I getting the right productivity


What new avenues I can leverage for branding; how do I attract talent


What infrastructure shall I create for a seamless and a secure work environment 


How do I do office space planning; How will my budgeting change 

The EPIC Framework

Zeolyt's EPIC framework captures and addresses these challenges across the four critical dimensions: Engaging Experience, Productivity, Integrity and Culture.


Creating great experience and maintaining engagement with employees, customers, suppliers and partners with limited physical world interactions


Impact of anxiety, perceived lack of control, other psychological concerns, infrastructure issues and difficulties in collaboration on productivity and morale

Challenges of Remote working


Propagation, retention and reinforcement of organization culture and building an environment of pride in values is becoming a more complex task


A newly formed fraud triangle is leading to issues around work ethics, compliance, privacy and data security

The EPIC framework holistically analyzes each constituent that impacts the four critical dimensions, and drives a systemic change to build a highly resilient and rewarding operating structure.

COVID-19 has presented an opportunity to drive disruptive changes at unprecedented speeds, and adopt innovative practices to make businesses more resilient to crisis.

"Workspace has seen a radical shift in COVID-19 era. Ability to work remotely and seamlessly has proven to be a big boon for some of the industries in striking a fine balance between the economy and survival."
Pawan Borar
Managing Partner

How we operate

Engagement Model


Workshop with representatives from different functions and across levels to understand current challenges, explore expectations and discover differentiating avenues. Understand core values and culture of the organization and define the scope of the engagement


Assess the policies, processes, systems, infrastructure, organization structure and incentives. Identify the gaps and training needs and present a comprehensive plan to achieve desired-state and budgetary requirements. Prioritize activities to align with the budget and expected timelines


Identify the functional stakeholders and prepare stream-level plan. Implement a governance model to track and drive Program success. Partner with stream owners to execute on the plan. Ensure desired outcomes are achieved within budget and set timelines

The Outcome

Resilient Operating Structure

Engaged Stakeholders


Improved Branding

COVID-19 Playbook

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