Transform ideas to high performing investment opportunities


Early to mid-stage tech enabled startups

Time Horizon

3 to 7 years of the growth journey

Check Size

$500k–$1.25m Seed checks
$100K Pre-Seed checks


Investing across India and APAC


Strategy Validation | Growth Hacking | Financial Modeling | Pricing Strategy |Tech Advisory | Product Market Fit Valuations | Fund-raise | M&A


Inorganic Strategy Partner | Start-up Incubation | Program Management | Deal Facilitation and Closures | Governance and Reporting


Scan & Screen start-ups | Stitch together the portfolio | Groom the businesses | Report & Support on investments

Why Startups partner with us


We are uniquely equipped to bring together hundreds of early stage investors across the globe. We provide early investments when you are ready. We also help you raise more capital later stages on better terms.

Match Partners

Talented and ambitious individuals who can be your co-founders, be part of your leadership team or even drive growth for your business.


We invite you to work in our offices and provide all the necessary infrastructure support needed for you to execute efficiently.


Successful corporate citizens with more than 20 years of experience and who have managed large businesses. They will work with you to grow the business, and advise on product, customers and investment.

Strategy Validation

Co-create your financial models, marketing plans and validate the product market fit. We prepare you to shine before the investment community.

Execution Support

You will have access to our partner network of experts - accounting services, legal function, public relations and technology outsourcing partners.

Our Startup Portfolio

Driving growth and innovation by backing passionate entrepreneurs

Sounds interesting?

INVEST with Zeolyt Assurance

Zeolyt manages the risks and amplifies the returns on your investments through extensive curation of the investment avenues. Through our focused efforts and expertise, we bridge the boundaries between you and the promising start-ups led by talented entrepreneurs

Investors can leverage our expertise


Why Invest

High return alternative investment strategy to make your money grow. India is expected to see significant rise of unicorns in coming years. This is your chance to participate.

Where to invest

Our focus is on disruptive solutions in Fintech, Mobility, Proptech, B2B tech, Shared Economy and Agritech domains

Who to Partner

We invest in passionate entrepreneurs who are positively impacting a large market through asset-light and deep-tech solutions, and have a clear path to sustainability and profitability

Your Investment Journey with us

Groom & Bloom

We work with passionate entrepreneurs to sharpen their strategy, energize their operations and set them up for the next phase of their growth journey. Our multi-domain consulting practice and access to industry advisors help fortify the solution and value proposition before they meet you

Pitch & Stitch

Select few who meets your investment and risk profile. We at Zeolyt, will stitch together your expectations and their commitments. We manage deal closure and fund deployment

Scan & Screen

We scan through a large and diverse set of start-ups and select the most promising ones meeting our partnering criteria. Our wide coverage ensures we do not lose out on exciting opportunities and our stringent criteria ensure we stay focused on our investment principles

Report & Support

We furnish regular reports on your investments and provide support in finding the right exit opportunities for you

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